Lack Of Diversity

So who is coming to campus this fall?  Well, there is this guy:

James Loewen

The author known for writing a book that challenges the way U.S. history textbooks are written will give three public presentations in La Crosse.

Anti-racism advocate James Loewen will discuss how educators and community leaders can address structural racism, both as an institution of higher learning and a 21st century unified action plan.

And that guy:

A nationally-acclaimed American Muslim comedian will explore the tensions and paradoxes of American Muslims living in an ever-polarizing modern world…

Azhar Usman, a Chicago-based comedian, will present a “brutally honest,” “unflinching” one-man show at 5:30 p.m. Monday, Nov. 7, …. In his show “ULTRA-AMERICAN: A Patriot Act,” Usman blends comedy with serious intellectual firepower and challenges the audience to re-think their assumptions about religion, race and culture in America.

They might be terrific speakers but we are sure they are redundant in the current campus climate.  It is not illegal to do this.  It is a challenge to even say it is wrong but it surely is foolish for school that is dependent on state funding to not bring a little diversity to campus.  When somebody asks why there is little support for the university, here is a big reason why.  It is not just the professors but the whole campus.


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