Priorities Part One

Yuval Levin, in the 11/7 National Review, discusses the Cronyist Threat.

Sidebar: We know, we are behind on our reading.  But it turns out to be even more important as the GOP now controls the levers of the federal government and even more of the states.  End Sidebar.

We have not seen it on NRO but it is well worth the read.  It is important to remember the basic point that conservatives support markets rather than businesses.  We sometimes get confused about that because the left attacks both.  We would like to quibble with one point Levin makes.  He says that conservatives should champion a revival of antitrust enforcement.  It is also in the first half of his practical implications section.  Placement does not necessarily mean priority but it usually does.

We are not so sanguine about the usefulness of antitrust enforcement as an appropriate response of a limited government in a free economy.  It is not that we couldn’t get behind some antitrust actions like fighting the taxi cartel.  The problem is, however, antitrust actions are going to be about defining industries when industries are very fluid.  Competition, like Netflix and TV networks, can come from a wide variety of sources.  We don’t see that emphasizing antitrust enforcement, especially given the set of folks that are already there, is going to be effective in reaching conservative goals.  Rather, it would mean more uncertainty about the relationship between business and government.

Otherwise, every GOP person in government should be attending to what Levin says.  We are not optimistic but we hope enough do.  Picking a different set of winners then the left does does not make us significantly different from them.  Markets make us free.

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