Wishing It Were So?

We don’t know if the principals care about the states but they probably care about taking blame for it.  Janet Hook discusses what the Democrats should do next and says:

And President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, who held the White House at a time when the party’s ranks were decimated in statehouses, both say they may remain engaged and help the party rebuild.  [Emphasis added]

Decimation is killing one in ten.  Obama has been much more prolific:

To put it bluntly, when Obama entered office the party controlled 60 Senate seats and 258 House seats.  When he leaves office the party will likely hold less than 185 House seats and a mere 46 Senate seats.

The devastated Democratic landscape looks even bleaker at the state level.  The party will hold a mere 18 [compared to 28] Governorships while the GOP holds 31 (or 32 depending on Alaska) The GOP will control 68-69 legislatures (out of 98) [Dems went 60 to 29 with one tie] and have complete control in 23 states.  Democrats will have complete control in a mere 7 [compared to 17] states (NE and Pacific Coast).

The Obama legacy for the Democratic Party is at least double-decimation at all levels.  We hope they will turn back to the center because it will be better for the country to have two realistic choices.   We are, however, not optimistic it will happen before 2020.  It will happen eventually.



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