Upgrading The Presidency

Holman Jenkins at the WSJ concluding on the joy of not being Obama:

Mr. Trump can still screw things up. His trade-war talk, his eagerness to meddle in plant-siting decisions, could be poisonous to a gas-fueled manufacturing boom conspicuously linked to the world.

Fully 60% of the $170 billion in planned petrochemical investments tied to fracking now in the works are funded by overseas investors. These investors come because they think of America as a lawful, trustworthy place to do business.

But Mr. Trump, our new dealmaker-in-chief, also has a pragmatic streak as big as Manhattan’s Trump Tower. He will make mistakes but here’s betting they won’t be Mr. Obama’s mistakes of smug obliviousness.

The evidence of the problems of being Obama is elsewhere at the WSJ:

One reason auto makers are shifting production to Mexico is expensive U.S. fuel-efficiency mandates, which were supposed to be up for review next year. With its pedal to the metal, the EPA is now seeking to finalize the regulations before a Trump Administration can put on the brakes.

The foolishness of trying to speed up the foolishness of increasing fuel-efficiency rules.  Why on earth is the federal government is setting (much) higher fuel-efficiency standards in this time of fuel plenty?  It is one of those situations where the market is taking care of something and the government is making a hash of it by confusing the market.

Our advice to the Trump administration is to keep hitting Command-Z until it doesn’t respond any longer.  Trump will mess up things like Carrier but he has so much low hanging fruit that we could have a useful presidency.


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