Lack Of Learning

Something old, Medhi Hasan‘s The American Political System Is Broken in the Washington Post, and something new (well, the push is new even if the show isn’t), the ads for Samantha Bee’s Full Frontal on TBS, indicate the lack of learning.  The interesting question is: is this lack of learning only on the left?

Sidebar: We read The American Political System Is Broken so you don’t have to.  We are not willing to watch Full Frontal for you.  You will have to do that yourself if you really want to.  End Sidebar.

The WaPo article reminds us why we don’t believe these folks in the mainstream media.  Here is just the first paragraph (it doesn’t get better):

What if Venezuela held a presidential election and President Nicolás Maduro claimed victory with fewer votes than his main rival? Or if Russian liberals won the most votes in the country’s legislative elections but failed to secure the most seats in the Duma? Or if Iranian authorities tried to prevent members of the country’s largest minority group from voting?

Well, what is Maduro up to?

“They are violating the constitution,” said Jesus Torrealba, head of the Democratic Unity coalition, promising massive street demonstrations. “The country is ready to fight.”

On the other hand, abiding by the Electoral College is what the US Constitution requires.  For the second sentence, it is not relevant to the Constitution, but the GOP congressional candidates got many more votes than the Democrats.  For the third sentence, we are not sure that he thinks conservatives are the biggest minority but if so he is on better ground:

A “corrupt” Internal Revenue Service still is shooting down advocates for conservative causes, especially if they have the words “tea party” in their names, even though courts have told the bureaucrats to stop.

One suspects, however, that he means suppression of black voters.  If so, he is wrong which segue nicely into Full Frontal.  It would be an interesting comedy show if it was satire but we don’t think it is.  If she is trying to make fun of liberals then it could be an interesting show.  But we think it is trying to be fake news like Jon Stewart and it seems to have only one note: We hate Trump.  From their webpage:

Donald Trump is assembling a White House staff, now that Barack Obama has told him that’s a thing presidents have to do.

Enjoy the parade of misfits, deplorables, zealots and extremists who, come January, could be packing their bags for the White House

Sore Winners: Is this the part where things are great? [This is even more ironic than the first two given Jill and then Herself’s actions.]

We would have shot a new Syrian refugee piece, but unfortunately everything is exactly the same. [See the Sidebar above.  We would expect Obama to be taken to task for his leadership role in creating the situation.  We doubt it.]

The lack of humor is appalling.  Don Rickles would be disappointed.

The Left has not moved on.  Will the Right?  That is, will the Never Trump be ready to cover new issues.  Jonah Goldberg isn’t entirely ready yet but it is some movement and most of the folks seem ready to start dealing with the Trump Administration.  Time will tell.



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