Is Comedy Dead?

Jason Riley at WSJ starts with this comment that should be hilarious.  Unfortunately, it becomes serious because so few folks recognize it:

Only liberals could get away with bashing the incoming Trump administration for its alleged ties to white nationalists while simultaneously backing a former supporter of black nationalistLouis Farrakhan for head of the Democratic National Committee.

The failure of the press to address such issues makes them less of a serious part of any national discussion.  We are great admirers of Truman because he cast out the crazies that FDR let hang around the fringes of the Democratic party.  Twenty years later, c. 1968, those folks came back as part of the leadership of the Democrats.  Their influence has waxed and waned over the last four decades with their ascendancy during the Obama years as the Democratic center lost their elected offices.  Conservatives have generally done Truman’s duty for the Republican Party over the past five decades with the notable failure of NeverTrump this year.

The question is: What is next?  Will we have an openly racist leader of the Democratic Party competing to bring out the worst interpretation of Trump?  We are with Karl Rove’s conclusion on this one [although his headline says Ellison will help the Republicans]:

While the GOP might make short-term gains while Mr. Ellison is DNC chairman, the country would be better served in the long run by a healthy two-party system. That means Democratic Party leaders should pick a chairman who can actually rebuild the party instead of marching even further to the left and deeper into the political wilderness.

Trump has some bad ideas but they are ideas from the center.  The country will benefit if the Democrats move in that direction.   Competition is a good thing but we fear that the remaining Democrats need one more dose of fire before they reconsider.  Until then political comedy won’t be very funny.


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