Building University Support

Rachel Lu is on our wavelength with Liberals Can Help Make Academia Ideologically Diverse at NRO:

Here’s a word to wise administrators. If you alienate approximately half of the public with your aggressive ideological stance, don’t be surprised if higher education ceases to be a taxpayer priority in the years to come.

Higher education has not been a state taxpayer or legislative priority this century.   Legislatures have often been willing to increase tuition but rarely increase taxpayer support on universities.  We think it is even politically worse than Rachel thinks because the K-12 unions are first in line for support from the left so higher education has no supporters and many opposed.

Sidebar: Rachel reports taking a climate survey.  We have answered many of the same questions but at least in our case there were open ended questions where we could raise bias against conservatives.  Our comments never made the report.  End Sidebar.

Rachel has a realistic approach with lots of interesting ideas that will take time but might help.   Read the whole thing.  Free speech against some of the worst excesses of the left would help too.

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