Let The Battle Begin

First the WSJ tried to create the weakest against Rex Tillerson at State.  Now David French at NRO throws his hat in the ring:

he’s one of the most qualified Americans alive [for State]. But his qualifications aren’t at issue; his philosophy is.

He then gives folks with experience as examples before adding a few like Sessions who get closer to philosophy.  Then he tries to assign the (tactical) philosophy of pro-Russian and really pro-Putin to Rex.  It is messy.

Having spent most of our career in a College of Business interacting with other colleges and disciplines, we have often been the target of anti-business bias.  It seems that French’s real complaint beyond the fact he was appointed by The Donald (French is a never-Trumper) is that Rex has a business background.

His boss, Rich Lowery could have been talking about French when he said:

Like much of what Trump does, the military [replace military with business for French] selections have inflamed people who pride themselves on their knowledge and discernment into flights of self-discrediting outrage.

We are inclined to support The Donald’s picks and are glad he has sprinkled in some business talent.  We really haven’t come to a conclusion on Rex but the weakness of the assaults on him are reassuring.  A comparison of Rex to the last two people to hold the Secretary of State position is also reassuring.


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