Putin’s Preferences

CIA leak said Putin wanted The Donald to beat Herself and therefore was behind the disclosure of bad behavior by the Democrats.

Sidebar: It is strange that the press can’t investigate Democratic candidates but can find out so many long forgotten or legally off-limits sagas of GOP candidates.  End Sidebar.

This leak seems highly questionable.  What is Russia’s economic life, such as it is, depend on?  The price of natural gas and oil.  Which candidate would be more favorable to those prices?  Herself opposed fracking and coal (an alternative to Putin’s products).  The Donald does not.  Mark Perry’s article about LNG exporting reminds us:

Passing legislation to streamline the regulatory process [for LNG] is long overdue. Recently, ambassadors from seven countries in eastern Europe said in a joint letter to Congress that the abundance of U.S. shale gas could be used as a tool to break Russia’s economic grip on their region, and urged our lawmakers to take action.

So it seems unlikely that Putin favored The Donald.  Rather two things seem more likely.  One, if Putin did it,  he was expected Herself to win and wanted to remind her that she was under his control.  Two, regardless of Putin’s involvement, the CIA is working on its relationship with The Donald.  It is not war but it is saber rattling.




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