Rex Does It Again

Now Paul Mirengoff at PowerLine has caught the Rex virus.  First he notes that Rex Tillerson would be well-qualified in a couple of possible scenarios with The Donald.  Then he says:

It seems to me, then, that Trump should tell Rubio how he intends to proceed with Russia. If the Florida Senator is satisfied with what Trump says, there will be no reason oppose Tillerson and good reason to support him. If he’s not satisfied, then although Tillerson isn’t the problem, Rubio may well wish to oppose the nomination to protest the direction Trump wants to take.

So if a senator doesn’t like the President’s foreign policy then the senator should deny him a Secretary of State?  Or require that the Secretary of State agree with the senator?  Under those rules we would have had no leadership at State for the last eight years.

Sidebar One: As we have said before, we are not yet supporting Rex but we are very close to doing so.  The failure of opponents to come up with a serious argument against him is starting to strongly suggest we should support him.  End Sidebar One.

Marco wants to be President.

Sidebar Two: We hope that Marco will support the real treats to Putin of fracking and exporting LNG.  The Donald is a threat to Putin.  End Sidebar Two.

We know that the current one and the next one provide scant evidence but the President is usually a grown-up.  Marco should provide us with some evidence to support that notion.


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