Strange Bedfellows

When conservatives are being bit by The Donald virus which caused folk to act irrationally when discussing the eponymous one,  Michael Gerson the house conservative (profile here) of the Washington Post has a rational article on Rex Tillerson.  Of course, he starts with a gratuitous insult:

There is always the danger of allowing low expectations to become irrational exuberance when those expectations are marginally exceeded. So any office in the Trump administration not filled by a kook or a crank feels like a victory for the republic.

Sidebar: it is not obvious that Michael has identified the kooks and cranks in The Donald’s administration.  In this piece he disparages Ben Carson but likes Mattis at Defense.  Perhaps he is working on identification. we are curios who the rest of them are.   Here is his WaPo List if you want to investigate.  End Sidebar.

But his conclusion is excellent:

Tillerson is a nominee who seems to improve on closer inspection. He deserves an audience of open minds.

Perhaps we can open his mind in other areas.  Here, the same article he starts off well:

The nominee has been vocal about the “humanitarian imperative” of confronting energy poverty. “Approximately 1.3 billion people on our planet,” he has argued, “still do not have access to electricity for basic needs like clean water, cooking, sanitation, light, or for the safe storage of food and medicine.”

We would strongly support Rex here.  Michael, on the other hand, turns out is not supportive when he trots out this:

An emphasis on this issue as secretary of state would be an example of productive continuity with the Obama administration, which made clean energy production in Africa a policy priority.

This is still good news.  We can agree on Rex and helping Africa with its energy needs.  We just need to convince Michael we should do it in a manner that actually helps the intended beneficiaries.  Conservatives are usually open to that conversation.  Perhaps The Donald virus has peaked and we can get to work.



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