Relegation In The NFL

We know relegation isn’t feasible in the NFL because there are no replacement teams and no place to put the relegated teams.  Still it would increase fan interest for next week.

Sidebar: The three worst teams in the NFL all won today.  The Browns, 49ers, and Jaguars had won three of 42 games before today.  Today they won three of three.  End Sidebar

The first question is how many teams would be relegated.  Soccer leagues relegate three of 20.  The NFL has 32 teams so four or five is a reasonable number. The Gloves-in-law picked four so we will go with that. Picking some larger number would make different games crucial.  This year four works well.  Four for the current year would mean that the Browns and 49ers are already gone and the Bears, Jaguars, Jets, and Rams are on the bubble.  Now four ugly games next week: Jaguars v. Colts, Bears v. Vikings, Bills v. Jets, and Cardinals v. Rams become epic battles for survival.  The four games are particularly ugly without relegation because none of the eight teams can possibly go to the playoffs.  Relegation would make both ends of the NFL standings exciting at the end of the year.  It will take years but let’s start working on it.

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