Trump = FDR; Obama = Hoover?

John Steele Gordon at the WSJ has an interesting idea:

So does Donald Trump’s stunning election herald something permanent—a shift akin to those brought by Jackson, Lincoln, McKinley and FDR? That’s a fair bet, considering the GOP gains that preceded it.

Color us unconvinced.  Initially, FDR was only successful at making the Depression Great.  He success in WWII and combined with his support from the press led to a new fable about the Great Depression.  We hope The Donald has great successes like FDR had in 1938-’42 in working with Churchill  but it seems unlikely that the successes will be that great or the press will relent in their coverage of him.  It is true that he can circumvent the press to an extent.  That will allow him to contact his supporters but his opponents will continue to be united by their control of the press.

Obama becoming a negative icon like Hoover seems more feasible but still unlikely.  He will be in our faces for the next few decades.  Even the left may tire of that.  With his combined domestic and foreign failures he could become “Hoover.”  For that to happen the GOP is going to need some federal successes to go with the recent successes at the state level.  It will be a challenge because the left will never admit to health care failure.

Gordon has an interesting theory.  We are currently deniers but it could happen.  Like FDR, it depends on finding successes to keep the momentum.


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