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Harvey Silverstein, as noted in the quote below a co-founder of FIRE, discusses Bob Casey’s questions to Betsy DeVos in the WSJ.  Casey says that she has a “radical view” that accused should be allowed their constitutional rights.  Well, actually he says:

“Ms. DeVos must fully explain whether she supports the radical view that it should be more difficult for campus sexual-assault victims to receive justice,”

He doesn’t mean justice.  He means the defendant losing.  Hence the problem with rights.

According to a top AAUW policy adviser, Mrs. DeVos’s lack of experience as an “education professional” means she can be judged on her charitable contributions—including to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, a nonprofit I co-founded and on whose board I serve. FIRE vigorously defends the free-speech and due-process rights of college students and faculty.

Think about donating to FIRE.

Sidebar: Of course the Progressive thing to do would be to make the donation in Bob Casey’s name.  Do it for yourself and don’t be a Progressive.  End Sidebar.

Betsy DeVos has hidden depths.  She may be helpful to higher education too.


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