Free Speech At Universities

NROs Katherine Timpf is correct when she says:

A new bill introduced by two Republican state legislators in Arizona seeks to ban courses on topics such as “social justice” in an apparent reaction to the Social Justice Warrior movement that many on the right believe threatens free speech — apparently, without realizing the irony.

There is a problem at most universities that speech is biased.  We see it in Arizona, Wisconsin, and Drexel.  The solution is not to ban offensive speech.  The solution is to create more speech.  We know more speech is a long term solution and we would prefer a solution now.  Just like with The Donald versus Herself, we need to deal with the real alternatives.  We might feel good to eliminate certain speech but it is not a solution.

Sidebar: We will discuss later a proposal in the print National Review to nationalize transportation policy.  It sounds great when the GOP controls the levers of government.  It is as bad as many Obama ideas that will now be used by Trump.  End Sidebar.

Speech in universities has been and will be a problem for decades.  We need to be sure that speech is expanded at universities, to help leaders lead, and restrict the opportunities for folks other than faculty to control the curriculum.  These things will take time.  If we restrict free speech it will get worse because the Democrats will come to power and make use of it in the fullness of time.



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