MA Drivers

James Hagerty at the WSJ is discussing the joys of driving in various locales.  Most of them are on the East Coast:

In driver-education courses, students are taught that motorists wishing to turn left must yield to oncoming traffic. In Pittsburgh, however, drivers going straight often voluntarily cede their priority to a car waiting to turn. It is considered a matter of politeness, and to some longtime Pittsburghers, a badge of civic honor….   “Boston left” is akin to the one in Pittsburgh.

We grew up driving in Massachusetts and have other memories.  We lived in a small town with exactly one traffic light.  When we came to that light in the car with the drivers education teacher he told us to look at the wheels on the first car.

Sidebar: The year we turned sixteen in October the General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (that’s what they call the state legislature) decided to pick on us (yes we understand it wasn’t personal but it felt like it) and move the driving age to seventeen.  We were able to get our learner’s permit in time but the state shut down the local office that driving exams.  Fortunately, we were able to make an appointment in Boston.  Well, it wasn’t entirely fortunate as it meant a kid from the sticks had to take a driving exam in Boston but we managed to pass.  End Sidebar.

We have found that driver-education instructors do prepare you for the Left.  Now that we live in the Midwest we don’t know if things have changed.  We plan to investigate with the nephews at the next opportunity.


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