Being Humbled

We spent an hour at the Orthopaedic Center waiting for the Lady deGloves.  She is recovering from hand surgery.  Compared to many of the folks in the waiting room both of us should feel good about our health.

Sidebar: That is the way they spelled.  We are not sure but don’t think there is any significant distinction between orthopaedic and orthopedic.  End Sidebar.

Watching the folks come into orthopaedics is a humbling experience.  There are all ages and all degree of problems.  There was a 23 year old with a broken ankle that was charming all the workers while storming around on crutches but there were young and old with more serious problems.  One middle age person was limping and had an arm caste.  Many of them had chronic problems and often seemed interested in audible discussions.  We sure it is not the only waiting room in the clinic that would be humbling but however you spell it, orthopaedics is one of them.




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