Opining On Trump

We are big fans of Jay Nordlinger but we must disagree with him with this part of today’s Impromtus at NRO.  Jay says:

Let’s talk about journalists for a minute — conservative journalists. Some of these are anti-Trump or Trump-skeptical. And they will get through the next four years, or eight years, as follows: They will write about silly or excessive criticism of Trump from the left. “See what Salon said? See what Slate said? See what was on MSNBC? Absurd!” And it will be. And the conservative journalists will skirt the main issue: Trump, and Trumpism, and what it all means. Mark my word. It is a survival strategy. It will keep them on the happy side of the Right. You will see it all around. In fact, you can already.

Trump is not a conservative or any kind of right-winger.  Neither is a left-winger like the unlamented immediate past president.   He is close to being an unique president.  He will do things that we disagree with and we should call him out on those.  We should support him when appropriate as with his cabinet nominations.  He will be treated unfairly by not just Salon, Slate, and MSNBC but all of the Main Stream Media.  We need to support Trump when he deserves it and oppose him when appropriate.  Part of that will be dueling media.


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