Satire And Satire?

Ann Althouse has some tweets from #NotMySuperBowl.  We were delighted to find out that it was satire.  Here are Ann’s examples:

refuse to accept the results of the AFC and NFC championship games.Tomorrow I’ll be protesting, looting, and rioting. #NotMySuperBowl

But the Packers won the popular vote #NotMySuperBowl

We demand Tom Brady release his football air pressure statements. #NotMySuperBowl

It is our Super Bowl so we were glad to see the tweeters with tongue firmly in cheek.  On the other hand, here is an editorial from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  Unfortunately, we don’t think they mean it as satire.

There’s no telling how Obama’s legacy might have fared had an atmosphere of bipartisan cooperation prevailed. In our grade book, the now former president gets an A for perseverance, a solid B-plus for economic management and another A for good conduct. But he leaves office with conspicuous incompletes on foreign affairs and overall leadership courage.

 Of course, Obama’s legacy is The Donald.  Obama is the post-constitutional egotist who wouldn’t talk to the opposition.   Probably The Donald will be better at talking to the opposition (how could he worse?) but he checks the rest of the boxes.
We are not sure how you get an A for good conduct from the editors.  If it is for not assaulting women then every president except Bill should get it in the last half-century.  Alternatively, it could be satire about the numerous scandals.  On the incompetes in foreign affairs we’re also not sure how the disasters in Syria and Iraq merit an incomplete.  Obama’s plan for Iraq did not work at great cost.  He has revised it.  Syria was a complete loss.  What is incomplete?

Perhaps it is time to start tweeting.  #IWishHeWasReplacedSooner.

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