Failing To Fight Fake News

We saw a leftist partisan on Facebook refer to this website to show being well-informed.  Under its list of “minimal partisan bias it includes: NPR, BBC, Washington Post, New York Times, ABC (right of center!), NBC, and AP.  Fox News is skews conservative to hyper-partisan.  According to the graph, Fox News is less partisan (and obviously on the other side) than the Huffington Post and more partisan than MSNBC.  Fox also ranks below all the other networks, save CNN, for meets high standards.  CBS and PBS seem to have disappeared from sight.

Sidebar: As always, it depends what you mean by these generalizations.  Does Fox News or NPR mean news or all opinion on that network?   We haven’t seen anything rating NPR but PBS news, not on the graph, is pretty close to center but when you add opinion like Bill Moyers you would get a much further left result.  Fox News rates reasonably close (except on the graph) to center but if you add all the opinion then you get much further right.  The WSJ is even more extreme.  The editorial page is conservative and libertarian but the rest of the newspaper skews liberal.  End Sidebar.

But the graph has a point, we need the facts with analysis of those facts combined with a knowledge of the background and potential biases of the folks making the presentation.  The problem in trying to understand the world is that there are many more than two vectors to consider.  What about the libertarians?  What about principles versus tactics?  IOHO, Hugh is really concerned about tactics and Jonah is equally concerned about principles.  If you know a writer’s leanings then you have a chance to evaluate him.  Practice is a necessary but not sufficient condition to develop expertise.


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