Exotic Travel

I is almost like finding Dr. Livingston when the New York Times ventures to Hillsdale College (h/t John J. Miller at theCorner).  The title describes Hillsdale as a shining city on a hill for conservatives.  To the author’s (Erik Eckholm) credit he recognizes that the soul of Hillsdale is the core curriculum that emphasizes Great Books.  He then looks to outside expertise and finds:

“In principle, studying Great Books is not inherently conservative,” said Molly Worthen, an assistant professor of history at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, who laments that this ground has been largely ceded by liberals.

Sidebar: Molly, as an assistant professor (that usually means untenured) is making a statement here.  We suppose that it got her in the NYT and that should be a good thing.  End Sidebar.

There are lots of interesting stories about conservative natives and you should read it all to see that Erik really tries.  He tries understand why 49% of the college voted for The Donald while 90% voted for Mitt in 2012.  It is really simple: The Donald isn’t a conservative.  One short example covering the exotic is that Erik puts scare quotes around originalist in discussing Clarence Thomas and his interpretation of the Constitution.  Read it.  You will find lots more examples.


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