Speaking Of Bad Ideas

As we were just speaking of bad ideas, here is one from Wisconsin.  The WSJ says:

Wisconsin state regulators seem determined to outdo him [The Donald] by making themselves as unpopular in Ireland by banning state grocery stores from selling one of the Emerald Isle’s most popular (and tasty) products: Kerrygold butter.  [Kerrygold and Irish soda bread is worth the trip]

Tariffs are not the only impediment to trade.  Regulations can be equally effective.  In this case, according to the Daily Mail, it is a lovely piece of regulatory Catch -22:

A state law instituted in 1970 prohibits anything other than Grade A milk products from being distributed in Wisconsin.

Because Kerrygold is made from grass-fed cow’s milk in Ireland, it isn’t graded by the USDA – leaving loyal fans in Wisconsin out in the cold. [NB: the only relevant parts are Ireland and USDA]

It is a neat regulatory trick but one we should eliminate.  In a GOP controlled state we need to have this undone quickly.  Perhaps the lesson will translate to Washington but we, like the WSJ, have our doubts.

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