Resumes Versus Interview

We are fans of resumes and hardly ever impressed by interviews.  We like the paper trail.  In retirement we contacted a former colleague on a search and screen committee at the University.  Because we like resumes, we reviewed the finalists and sent our comments.  The response was that we showed understanding at a distance.  It might be just puffery but we took it as a complement.

Given our outlook it is not surprising that we didn’t watch the The Donald quasi state of the union speech.  We haven’t watched anybody’s speech in a long time.  We don’t watch speeches because we don’t like them and don’t have expertise at evaluating them.  But we are interested in responses.  There are many positive responses from a variety of individuals.  The conservatives didn’t really like it because it wasn’t conservative.  Because it wasn’t conservative it got at least a mixed review from the other side of the aisle.

The potentially positive result is that The Donald will be seen as what the previous president falsely claimed to be, a non-ideological problem solver.  The Donald is starting to building up a positive paper trail to support such a claim.  Although we would prefer a conservative, we think that such an individual is appropriate following such an ideologically driven predicessor as The Donald does.  Despite our disagreements we continue to support him and wish him well.  We will evaluate him when the paper trail is evident.


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