The Enemy Is Us

Michael Strain in the Corner at NRO reminds us of a common topic.  Where are the faculty?  In speaking about Charles Murray’s problems at Middlebury he says:

Where is the outrage from faculty at universities around the country, both towards this incident, and so many others? Where is the outrage from donors? The very idea of the university is being assaulted by this anti-intellectual, anti-liberal, immature nonsense. I say nonsense, but really, this is dangerous stuff, particularly for a republic.  How is it possible that the most important non-student stakeholders at universities are not in protest over what is happening to these incredibly important institutions?

Exactly.  Where are the faculty?  There is no reason for faculty to wonder why we don’t get any political support.  We don’t deserve it.  We need to stand up for freedom of speech and related principles.


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