Naming Buildings

We were reading George Will at NRO and saw this quote:

Charles Van Hise, president of the University of Wisconsin, epicenter of intellectual progressivism, said: “We know enough about eugenics so that if that knowledge were applied, the defective classes would disappear within a generation.”

How do we feel about having a building named after Charles at the University of Wisconsin-Madison?  According to Wikipedia it is the second tallest building in Madison, WI and one of the 50 tallest education buildings in the world.  Perhaps the good news is it is scheduled to come down in 2025.

We are on the tolerance side.  We would keep Calhoun College and Van Hise Hall.  Both of these folks had substantial accomplishments.  They were also human and have some opinions, often deeply held opinions, that seem foolish today.  Just as an example, folks will be better able to judge the climate debate in a century.  Charles didn’t know about the knowledge problem nearly a century ago.


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