Wondering About Wonderland

Daniel Henninger gives us his take on Middlebury at WSJ:

A few days after the Murray incident, something extraordinary happened: Some 40 Middlebury professors, from many disciplines, signed a strong statement supporting “Free Inquiry on Campus.” [emphasis added]

Color us unconvinced.  It wasn’t extraordinary unless you are so skeptical of universities that any step by the faculty that mildly supports free speech is seen as extraordinary.  Some of the faculty signed a statement on a blog.  The faculty did not take any formal action through the faculty senate or reforming the honor code.  The statement is very small potatoes from a university perspective.

We do not find it strong either.  The longer anything becomes the more opportunity there is for legal contention.  Without going into the specifics, the statement is too long to be strong.  It is a step in the right direction but it is a very small step.  We hope that more steps are forthcoming.

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