Baseball And Energy

In 1919 Babe Ruth became the first home run leader to have more home runs than the triples leader.  The situation has never reversed.  Mark Perry reports that natural gas has surpassed coal for producing electric power.  We agree with him that, like baseball, the change is here to stay although the difference is small enough that there could be an exception in the near future.

We think the triples analogy is useful.  Both triples and coal will have less impact but both will continue to have an impact.  As Perry notes, The Donald rolling back some of the previous administrations more egregious regulation will help coal.  It will not change the direction that coal is headed but it will mean that coal will get a fair shake.  Coal will be a second and then third fiddle just like triples for some time.  Triples are part of a good offensive mix.  Coal is part of a good energy mix.  Neither are a leader.

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