State Of The Union

Victor Davis Hanson and Conrad Black assess the state of the union at NRO.  Victor is concerned with international affairs and concludes:

Trump seems none of the above. But he is inheriting a world that is imploding, an electorate that has no belly to fix it, and a military that for the present is in no shape to do so even if it wanted to.

Yup.  The Donald and the GOP needs to fix the world but they have precious few degrees of freedom internationally, in large part, because of the previous administration.  They have an enormous challenge to hold together their support and save the world.  It is a long term challenge that will require persistence.

Conrad is more concerned with domestic politics and concludes:

With health care and the budget and the tax plan coming on its heels and related to it, we will see how well Donald Trump understands the art of the political deal, and whether the Democrats can go on pretending they are watching the destiny of Humpty Dumpty, or not. Trump has won every round so far. Finally, he will have his chance to make history, change the country, and reverse the decline of America. It’s showtime.

We are not quite as convinced but we generally agree.  There are also deficits and interest rates.  Internationally we can count on the hostility of the world.  Domestically we can’t count on the hostility of the Democrats and the press.  Will they support any solutions?  What of the electorate?  We wish The Donald well as their will be shortcomings in any path he chooses. it will take more than eight years to clean up the mess.  Can he and the rest of the elected class provide a steady hand with a mercurial electorate?



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