Helping The Poor

Catherine Rampell has an idea to help the poor.  It has been a progressive idea for a long time.  She says:

First, reduce poor women’s access to the reproductive services they need to prevent unintended pregnancies, so they have less control over when, and with whom, they have children.

It is the old progressive idea that we can eliminate the poor by aborting them.  Currently, Catherine is only encouraging the poor to abort their children by limiting the opportunities to escape poverty.  James Freeman discusses in The Best of the Web describes some of the ways progressives seek to keep folks in poverty:

What’s new is that through its tax and regulatory burdens, government as never before has been discriminating against hiring people in favor of machines. Call it robot privilege. From ObamaCare, which both raised the costs of offering employment and discouraged people from accepting it, to regulations setting minimum wages and mandating the conditions of employment, politicians have made it too hard to hire those members of the U.S. workforce who are human.

So, the question comes down to: Do you want to abort poor people’s children or do you want to help them climb out of poverty?  The current combination of abortion and regulation has not done much to reduce the poverty rate.  It might be time to try the alternative.  We hope The Donald and the GOP do.


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