Binary Choices And Not

Conservatives have confused themselves about binary choices.  Herself and The Donald was a binary choice.  Sure, you could vote present or write-in some fun choice but that was just letting other people make the choice.  Ben Shapiro is trying to sell us a binary choice about the political future:

Up: Americans realize that politicians who guarantee them free things are lying to them, and they react by re-enshrining the Founders’ bargain, limiting government to minimize the impact of lying politicians.

Down: Americans distrust everyone in politics but simultaneously embrace the lies of their own side, justifying tissue-thin conspiracy theories that put the other side at a disadvantage, breaking down the social fabric and the political discourse until all faith in the system disappears completely.

We are the champion of binary choices and we can safely say that this isn’t one.  There are always a variety of strata of folks that make political choices base on different portfolios.  The choice is not the Founders’ bargain or anarchy.  We think The Donald will move us closer to the Founders’ bargain and Herself would have moved us in the other direction.  We will not get to either of Ben’s choices in the near term.  No choice we made in 2016 would have done it.


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