Went to see Cabaret with the Lady deGloves in the 77 square miles.  It is an unhappy and conservative show (pro-freedom and pro-life).  Jonah goes to great detail on our simple question: How could the National Socialist Party-the Nazis- be conservative or even right wing?  We would like to discuss Fraulein Schneider as a timeless character and the problem of libertarianism compared to conservatism.

Cabaret demonstrates the problem of libertarianism. Pre-Nazi Berlin is full of all sorts of live and let live folks.  Herr Schultz, the sunny Jew, speaks for all of them when he says (approximately), “They are Germans and I’m a German.  What is the worst that could happen?”  There is one big problem that Cabaret points out when the Nazis kill all of them.  Conservatism’s less sunny outlook, and part of the reason that Cabaret is a conservative film, makes them better prepared for what other folks will do.

Fraulein Schneider is a person we have seen many times.  She had been through WWI, the hyperinflation and now the rise of the Nazis.  She is not going to marry Herr Schultz because that would be taking a risk and pessimists don’t take risks.  We saw these characteristics in folks our age in post-Communistic Poland.  These folks were not nearly as optimistic as the younger generation.  They hated the Russians and had become use to behavior under Communism.  The Katyn massacre was still a hot topic for them.    They were all versions of Fraulein Schneider.  They had not suffered the number of disappointments that the Fraulein had but they had concerns.  The younger generation had a completely different outlook that was untainted by Communism.  We are disappointed when Fraulein Schneider says no to Herr Schultz but we expect it and understand why.

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