Press Bias Or JPS?

Press bias in the local paper is something we are used to.  We think that today’s reporting is more likely to be Just Plain Stupid (JPS) rather than bias.  The advisory referendum on yesterday’s ballot asks if we should increase the sales tax on tourist related items to, perhaps, pay for road repairs.  The local paper’s first paragraph reviewed the results and said:

Most La Crosse County voters support the idea of paying more in sales taxes to generate money to repair the county highway system.

They quote a supporter:

La Crosse County Board Chair Tara Johnson said she was pleasantly surprised at the referendum’s margin of victory, especially considering the push by the opposition in the past couple weeks.  “Nobody is jumping up and down and screaming for joy about a new local tax,” Johnson said.

It is technically a local tax but it is not a tax on locals.  It is a tax on tourists.  We suppose some locals will buy a cheesehead but it is an attempt to tax the folks that come to visit God’s Country (to be fair they use the roads too) rather than the local residents that use the roads more.  It is not surprise that residents picked somebody else to pick up the tab for local roads.  It is not something to be proud of got either the voters or the newspaper.


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