Cincinnati Ruckus

TaxProf Blog led us to administrative battle at the University of Cincinnati Law School.  According to (part of USA Today Network):

The dean of University of Cincinnati’s College of Law, Jennifer Bard, was placed on administrative leave Wednesday.

This seems odd since administrative leave is typically used when the person in question is accused of some flagrant foul.  This seems like a typical firing and of interest it was by the interim provost.

Sidebar: We don’t know if law school deans are given a tenured faculty position like the deans in other schools.  Jennifer did get a five year contract so perhaps not but if so then the new dean could have a challenge.  End Sidebar.

Administrative supervisors like a provost have substantial authority over their underlings.  In university appeals, process is the way to victory.  Obviously, this would be second nature to a lawyer and Jennifer’s opening salvo (same article) is:

In December, Lindgren [the interim provost] and Bard agreed to a six-month plan “to share perspectives and restore mutual trust and respect” that focused on coaching, mediated communication, periodic evaluation and objective metrics, records show.  “We had an agreement for a process that included bringing in a mediator to address these issues,” Bard said in the statement. “I am deeply disappointed that the Interim Provost chose to close down this process and take this unprecedented action to frustrate the College of Law’s progress.” [emphasis added]

It would seem in the interim provost’s opinion that the situation at the law school had gone to hell in a hand basket since December and he was forced to act.  We have observed many appeals and a few lawsuits.  Process wins.  If the firing or hiring party used process then they win.  If they didn’t then the person that they attempted to fire or didn’t hire wins.  That’s how it goes.  Information is incomplete but we like Jennifer’s chances.




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