It Is Not North Korea But …

A beautiful quote from Jay Nordlinger yesterday:

The morning after my talk at the Athenaeum, I wake up to a long letter from a student, sent in the wee hours. This is a heartrending and infuriating letter. He tells what it’s like to be a conservative on campus: constantly afraid, or constantly put down. It’s especially hard to be a “person of color” when you’re not toeing the line.

Yup, we are glad to be retired.  Their are people that are much more oppressed than conservatives on campus as the title notes.  What is most disappointing is the pressure on “folks of color” to keep them in line with the folks stamping “identities” for other folks.  As Jay notes, if Claremont, the school where he was, has become intolerant can you imagine what is happening elsewhere?


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