We Are In This Together

A WSJ editorial concludes where the Middlebury debacle is:

Meanwhile, the Middlebury faculty is divided over endorsing free-speech principles that the University of Chicago, Purdue University and others have adopted. The fallout from Mr. Murray’s visit has dragged on for nearly two months, but the drama will continue until the administration decides to restore order, punish offenders and govern the place as adults.

As we have said, all universities are in this together.  Public universities suffer from their own sins and the sins of others.  We think that faculty are more to blame than administrators.

Administrators bear a smaller burden of the errors because they are responsible to the faculty.  Yes, administrators can help but if they are at odds with the faculty it won’t help the university from losing politically.  It is the failure of the faculty firs,t as the University of Chicago demonstrates, and the administrators second.  We, all university faculties, are in this together whether we want it that way on not.  The failure of the faculty to support free speech at many universities has and will continue to cause political problems for all universities.  Middlebury and Missouri hurt schools in Wisconsin and elsewhere.



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