Binary Choices

We love Jonah Goldberg but wish he would give up the ghost on Never Trump.  Of course there are a few folks that are moving the goalposts with The Donald but it was a binary choice between The Donald and Herself.  So when he says in his newsletter (it isn’t on NRO yet):

Then there are the folks who are mostly-in for Trump. Every day I hear people say on Twitter, “Yeah, he’s flawed but at least he’s not Hillary.” But what kind of standard is that? I’m glad Hillary’s not president. Truly. But if your yardstick for a Republican president — not candidate, but president — is now “He’s better than Hillary,” then you’ve filed down the yardstick to a couple inches. “Better than Hillary” strikes me as the minimum requirement for a conservative president, not an omnibus justification for anything he does.

We probably fit in the mostly-in for Trump.  We had a choice, a binary choice, between Herself and The Donald.  We too are glad that the country agreed with us and made the choice it did.  Sure there are fans of the current president that are as deluded as the fans of our most recent past president.  There are also folks who hated one or the other.  We need to move on from both groups.  Whether you are metric or not the measurement in a binary choice is which one is better.  That is the only measuring stick in a binary choice.  Ex ante we thought The Donald was the choice.  Ex post, or at least after 100 days, that judgment has been confirmed.  We would have preferred that we were starting Mitt’s second term rather than The Donald’s first.  That (and whatever Jonah’s first choice was) wasn’t on the ballot and Jonah needs to remember that.


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