Understanding The Blue States

The Daily Beast has a kind and thoughtful look at the folks that would be our rulers called, “The Arrogance of Blue America” by Joel Kotkin.  It is well worth reading, really the Daily Beast has something this good, so read it all.  Here is a brief taste of what Joel has to say:

In seeking to tame their political inferiors, the blue bourgeoisie are closer to the Marie Antoinette school of political economy than any traditional notion of progressivism. They might seek to give the unwashed red masses “cake” in the form of free health care and welfare, but they don’t offer more than a future status as serfs of the cognitive aristocracy.

It is a kind look at our would be betters because, despite their behavior, they just believe in a fiction as the last sentence in the quote from Joel shows:

The argument made by the blue bourgeoisie is simple: Dense core cities, and what goes on there, is infinitely more important, and consequential, than the activities centered in the dumber suburbs and small towns.  Yet even in the ultra-blue Bay Area, the suburban Valley’s tech and STEM worker population per capita is twice that of San Francisco.

The whole article is chock full of evidence and examples.  It gives us a nice way to think of the blue bourgeoisie.  They are well meaning but wrong.  We’re not sure we accept the former entirely but Joel has offered a way to converse with such folks if they ever venture into flyover country to visit us.


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