Health Care Choices

The WSJ thinks we are down to a binary choice on fixing ObamaCare.  They are talking about the slim majority of Republican House members that passed the health care reform they say:

They’ll have to be flexible enough to accept the compromises that are inevitable in a bicameral legislature. The trump card, so to speak, is that this process will yield a binary political choice: Either Members vote for what emerges from the House and Senate, or live with the status quo of ObamaCare.

Every legislative vote is binary in the short term.  Nay or Yea.  Obviously, the alleged binary choice of the first go-around on health care did not turn out to be accurate.  We tend to think that this one is pretty close to binary because the GOP will not be revisiting health care and their majorities may get reduced in 2018.  We think they surely will if they don’t make progress on both health care and immigration.  It isn’t 100% binary like Herself and The Donald but it approaches it.


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