Boston Rocks

Boston is back on tour and we accompanied the Lady and our sister to see them in Topeka, KS.  In fact, the Topeka crowd picture is on their Facebook page.  It was worth the trip.  The band was razor sharp, the vocals with the new lead singer (Tommy DeCarlo) were excellent, and the video and lights were way beyond expectations for medium size (c. 5,000) venue.  We are big fans of these midsize venues.  You can see, hear, and feel the band from every seat.

They have gotten away from the Corporate America disaster and have gone back to their classic stuff and added in a cover or two as well as a couple of new songs including a lead vocal for their female band member Beth Cohen.  She gives them a lot of flexibility.  If you agree that there can never be too many guitar solos and like the classic Boston stuff then you ought to see the new tour.


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