Travel Questions

We just got back from a long weekend trip.  When you are retired long weekends can show up whenever you feel like it.  Here are four observations from the trip.

  1. We forget the bar’s name on US 75, but it has a tag line of, “We only look expensive.”  We wish we had time to stop because the drinks might have been free to have the tag line balance out.
  2. We recently left Topeka.  We are trying to decide if Brown v. The Board of Education is a great decision or the start of wandering away from the Constitution.  It is not our area so you can discuss it among yourselves.
  3. In one day we crossed the following rivers: Iowa, Kansas, Mississippi, and Missouri.  A nice day’s drive.
  4. Here are a few scenes from a mid-continent crossroad lunch.  One pair, MWG and the Lady deGloves, had new Boston tour shirts (review in the next post).  Another pair had new Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers shirts.  A third group was talking about playing Carnoustie and the challenges of driving and talking on the cell when knees don’t reach the steering wheel.  Fortunately, they are driving in opposite direction from us.

Road trips are a great opportunity to observe and take joy in the world.



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