Three Small Things

When we were department chair that was a faculty member that liked to come to visit but somebody had told him, perhaps the previous chair, that if it was not time sensitive than three little things were needed for such a meeting.  It was fun to watch the struggle to come up with the third.  We have three little things today.

First, we heard Paul McCartney cover the Beatles tune, The Things We Said Today.  It was really strange to hear one of the same voices singing the song but without The Beatles harmony.

Second, we are finishing the collection of Victor Davis Hanson 2016 NRO columns: From One Revolution To The Next.  We envy his writing skills.  It is a great read and an excellent way to revisit the the tumultuous year of 2016.  His consistent insights on The Donald are impressive.  We’re not sure how you can buy it as it is not listed at the NRO store and it is a National Review Book.

Third, there was a follow up in Ask Amy about a contractor with a Trump bumper sticker.  A reader wrote in and said polled friends and all of them said, “Chase him off the property.”  Amy said it was nothing to be proud of.  We were impressed that she published the response and that she took her reader to task.  If only the university administrators had courage like that.


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