Amy Wax And Heather Mac Donald

Over at the NRO Corner, Heather Mac Donald has a nice summary of the attempts to lynch Amy Wax.  Amy Wax and Larry Alexander published an op-ed on the breakdown of bourgeois culture that led to Amy and Larry being called lots of names.  If you haven’t read the Amy and Larry’s op-ed you should.

Sidebar One: The treatment of Amy provides a strong case for tenure.  Amy is a tenured professor at the University of Pennsylvania Law School.  End Sidebar One.

Amy and Larry have share arguments and treatment with Charles Murray.  See here for Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) hit piece on Charles.  And here is his charming response to the vile name calling by SPLC.

Sidebar Two: When we searched “Charles Murray,” here are partial entries of the first three outcomes after the ads and unconnected items that clutter up the search.
SPLC: using racist pseudoscience
SHAME Profile:Charles Murray is one of the most influential right-wing ideological architects of the post-Reagan era. His career began in a secret Pentagon counterinsurgency
Salon: Big government has created a new lower class of lazy, shifty, low-IQ folks,
A free research project is to investigate the outcomes of search engines when searching political folks.  Do you get equally negative outcomes for progressives?  End Sidebar Two.

Heather concludes with the critical issue:

Now the question is: Where is the rest of the faculty? Rather than taking the safe position of supporting free speech (which the dean has done), how about if someone actually rebuts the charge that to call for a restoration of bourgeois values is to endorse “white supremacy”?

Universities become political piñatas because of the behavior of faculty and administrators.  Both faculty and administrators should be advocates for free speech and academic freedom.  Amy’s dean is doing the minimum.  How come he doesn’t have 100 percent support from the faculty and other administrators?  In addition, some need to have the courage to make reasoned judgments about content.  It is, exactly, what we as faculty are expected to do.  Signing a letter is not a reasoned judgment.  Neither is name calling.

Universities are dying because of our lack of courage.  They are dying first because we get no political support.  We are dying secondly because we don’t work on our mission.  We need to do better.  The actions of the other faculty is enough to make you wonder why we have tenure.  If only one tenured faculty member is willing to stand up to X.  What do we call X?  Fascists seems trite.  We don’t need to agree with Amy but we do need to apply our skills to her assertions.


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