NFL Brand; Last Time?

We really didn’t want to go here again but Jason Witlock is tarnishing the Fox brand at WSJ.  His apparently unintentionally ironic title is: [The Donald] Helps Kaepernick Drag The NFL Into Politics.  Uh, Jason, we know that Dennis Prager has already pointed this out but who was the first to politicize the NFL?  It was’t The Donald.

Jason takes seven paragraphs to insult The Donald before hitting the nail squarely on the head.  He says:

This latest [The Donald] controversy says far more about us—the media and other public figures—than the president. We have an unhealthy addiction to social-media-driven controversies, particularly ones that can be spun racially.

We agree entirely.  Without the racial angle Kaepernick’s behavior would be ignored but because of the racial issue the NFL couldn’t act and the media made a big deal of a trivial episode.  It is possible that manners were winning but The Donald jumped on one side and the media went bonkers.  Jason tries to switches sides when he says:

Let’s remember: While Colin Kaepernick’s original protest was about police brutality and the black community, the anthem kneels have largely provoked conversations about disrespecting the flag and the now-unemployed quarterback’s career. The protest has evolved again, this time into a referendum on a disruptive president.  [Emphasis added]

Not much has changed about the conversation surrounding policing and the black community. But as I wrote in these pages earlier this year, Mr. Kaepernick has shifted the way the NFL is perceived and discussed. Mr. Goodell, NFL ownership and the league’s television partners will no longer be allowed to present the game as an escape from America’s divisive political discourse. Mr. Kaepernick and his handlers cleverly dragged the league into America’s broader social-justice war.

Sidebar: We wonder if Jason found his (The Donald) immediate predecessor (HIP) disruptive?  End Sidebar.

Jason was right the first time.  The media goes bonkers over racially charged events that it can try to create a controversy.  It just adds to the media frenzy if there is a chance to beat up on some one not on the left.  The problem for the left is that when they try to intimidate large groups they only tarnish their brand.  Jason, the NFL, and ESPN have tarnished their brand while Alejandro has burnished his.



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