McCarthy And The NFL

Andy McCarthy at NRO has a great take (that is, we agree with most of it) on the controversy among The Donald, the press, and the NFL.  His point is that the primary claim by the athletes that blacks are being killed by police with impunity is false.  Here is a quote we like:

Right. We are supposed to accept, without inquiry or criticism, what they claim to be seeking. We are supposed to ignore, as if it were not plain as day, that what the protesters are actually seeking — a racially skewed justice system, one that would endanger law-abiding black people by paralyzing the police — is the antithesis of what they claim to be seeking.

As the saying goes, read all of it.  Andy’s article also reminds us of the uncharacteristic nature of the left’s argument in this case.  Two of the left’s favorite weapons are that the insulted party gets to determine the extent of the insult and hypocrisy is the vilest of acts. Kaepernick and his followers on the field and in the press often say it is about violent police behavior towards blacks.  The insulted parties disagree saying that they have insulted the flag, the military, and so on.  We doubt that the left’s irony is intentional but the double nature of it brings us joy.

Andy’s article is more important than recognizing the double hypocrisy of the left.  Both are enjoyable.




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