Victor Davis Hanson (VDH) is at his sublime best at NRO in The “Never Trump” Construct.

Sidebar: We like to categorize ourselves as guilty of the seven deadly sins except for envy.  The politics of envy as practiced on the left does not entice us.  But VDH’s writing skills do make us envious.  We don’t always agree with VDH but we always find his, and only his, writing enthralling.  Unfortunately, it leaves us guilty of all of the seven deadly sins.  Perhaps we can work on wrath.  End Sidebar.

Part way through he says:

We are essentially left with just one cultural and class divide that characterized three groups within the Republican party: 1) new voters turned on to Trump by his attitude and brashness, 2) old voters turned off on Trump by his attitude and brashness, and 3) the vast majority that voted for Trump because they perceived him as at least marginally better than Hillary Clinton and what she represented.

Well said, although we like to think of ourselves as an independent who fits in category three.  The Democrats, however, might have made us into a Republican.  You need to read it all because he has much more insight to share.  We can’t forget his new book either.


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