American Players Theatre

Terry Teachout at WSJ has his best theater in 2017.  Wisconsin’s own American Players Theatre (APT) gets a winner and a mention.  If you haven’t been there yet plan to go next year. If you have been the donate this year.  With the tax code timing it is the time for an additional MWG donation (assuming the bill passes) and it could be for you as well.

APT’s winner was best classical production

Eric Tucker’s crowd-pleasing outdoor staging of “Pericles” at Wisconsin’s American Players Theatre was a riotous explosion of pure joy.

We had tickets but sadly had to miss the show because of family issues.  Jim Devita was mentioned as a best actor:

and five terrific regional-theater actors: Jim DeVita in “A View From the Bridge” at Wisconsin’s American Players Theatre,

We’ve seen him many times and completely agree.  Check with the site to see when APT tickets for 2018 go on sale.  Up The Hill is under the stars while Touchstone is air conditioned and intimate.


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