Waiting For Joy Is Worth It

Michael Rand is a sports writer in Minneapolis.  He is also a life-long Minnesota Vikings fan.  As it happens, his team is just a year younger than our team but because Michael just passed forty he is in a similar situation to us a couple of decades ago.  He writes about the Viking loss to the Eagles:

After the sting of Sunday wears off and the Super Bowl has come and gone, maybe we can appreciate this 2017 Vikings season for what it was: a good team that overachieved and gave us one amazing playoff finish before ending with one huge disappointment.

Maybe sometime in this lifetime the story will end differently.

We could have written much the same thing in the nineties.  We even matched up with him on wife and two kids.  Then came Bill in January 2000.  Now all the folks that had faux pity for us then have real envy now.

Michael is ahead of where we were twenty years ago because the Twins won a couple of World Series early in his life.  We were zero for ninety combining baseball and football.  Stick with your teams Michael and it will make it much more sweet when the ultimate success comes.  If you are a fan then believing is the only choice.



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