Joys Of Box Scores

Of course one game does not determine a season but the Pirates-Tigers 3/30/18 games has at least two interesting stories.

First, is the Tigers catcher James McCann.  He had two hits, a walk, a run and two RBIs in the 10-13 loss in 13 innings.  But he was really active on the defensive side.  He started a double play and caught 10 strikeouts.  He had a passed ball, catcher’s interference, a throwing error, and threw out two of three stolen base attempts.  He had a very active day.

Both the Pirates and the Tigers are expected to do poorly in the season.  Pitching, and especially pitching depth is essentially to most contending teams.  The score line for a single day suggests that both of these teams will have their projected problems.  The two teams combined to score 14 runs in the seventh, eighth, and ninth innings.  One day could be an anomaly but it doesn’t bode well for the two teams but perhaps it was just the wind blowing out.  The long season will tell the tale.


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