Answering Jordan’s Question

The Morning Jolt alerted us that the left was concerned about Kevin Williamson joining The Atlantic.  In fact, Jordan Weissman at Slate has the memo that Jeffery Goldberg, The Atlantic editor sent out about Kevin.  It is a long memo so here is the start of it:

I first came to know Kevin’s work several years ago; he’s incredibly prolific, and, over time, I have probably read a few hundred thousand of his words. I have disagreed with him more than I have agreed with him (an irrelevant metric when you’re the editor; not when you’re a reader), but I recognized the power, contrariness, wit, and smart construction of many of his pieces. I also found him to be ideologically interesting: anti-abortion, pro-gun rights, anti-death penalty (his anti-death penalty writing, of course, shaped my understanding of his most objectionable tweet). I was struck, as many people are, by the quality of his prose. I was also struck by the fact that many people I admire on the Left have expressed admiration for his writing on issues of race and class. Over the past couple of years, I’ve also read carefully his critical coverage of Donald Trump and the people who voted for him.

You can read the rest of it at the bottom of Jordan’s article.  Jordan’s article is Why Would the Atlantic Hire Kevin Williamson?  The subheadline calls him a conservative troll.  Well, that was a short honeymoon!  We think that Kevin would understand because he is not one to take prisoners.  And, of course, Kevin is more libertarian than conservative.

The reasonable answer to Jordan’s question is that they want to have one of the best writers around.  Beyond that, Kevin is, as Jeffery emphasizes, stridently anti-Trump.  We are sure that he will fit in.  It should be fun.



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