RE: The Atlantic

Earlier this week we were praising The Atlantic for hiring Kevin Williamson and discussing his first article there.  Unless you have been off-planet you have heard what has happened.  Here is how Jim Geraghty’s Morning Jolt  put it:

Jeffrey Goldberg’s announcement that The Atlantic had “parted ways” with our old friend Kevin Williamson — what a gutless way to announce you’ve fired someone, a week or so into the job — represents a successful effort to redefine “beyond the pale” in the political debates of 2018, or to close the Overton Window, if you prefer that metaphor.

This is an event that tells us more than we want to know about the left and The Atlantic.  Well, you might say Kevin’s firing confirms what you already knew.

Sidebar: We are really curious about the contract between Kevin and The Atlantic.Will he be a kept man for the next year or two?  If not, why did he go to The Atlantic?  End Sidebar.

The question becomes should we boycott The Atlantic?  The answer is no.  Their claim, however, that you should:

Subscribe to The Atlantic and support 160 years of independent journalism.

rings hollow.  We know there won’t be much interesting there but cruise by from time to time.  To buttress our point on independent journalism, nobody at The Atlantic has taken to defending Kevin yet although we don’t think he will need any help.  This turn of events is unlikely to make a man sometimes referred to as “Mad Dog” mellow.


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